Middle School Homework Tips


Middle School Homework Tips

Middle School students are busier people. They will also start to see long-range assignments that require more organization and planning - skills that will be crucial in high school. Here are some tips that can help with this transition.

Organize First - Encourage your child to plan each evening's studying carefully. Tackle assignments due tomorrow first. Then work on the project due next Monday. An assignment book is essential.

Special Supplies?? - Each afternoon, ask whether tonight's assignments require special books or supplies. Make that trip to the library or hardware store early!

Offer feedback - Encourage your child, but don't offer answers. Questions like, "Does that answer look correct to you?" will help your child without doing her work for her.

Don't procrastinate - Leaving a large assignment until the last minute can be tempting. Push hard to encourage your child to start projects early.

Enforce a routine - Middle schoolers have more distractions, activities, and friends. Remind them that these are all important, but homework is essential. Homework first; friends, computers, and hobbies later.

Take it with you! - Middle school students have LOTS of distractions. Encourage your child to be sure everything is packed up for tomorrow before he goes to bed.

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