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Circus Theme Resources

Search and explore! Cut and paste! There are lots of things to do in our Circus Theme Resources. Have fun!

Circus Activities

These are "at home" activities for children to do with occasional help from a parent or adult. All of our activities can be printed out for easy use later. To see a list of activities, just click on the appropriate age group from the links below.

toddlers - 2 yrs. - 3-4 year olds - 4-5 year olds


Our Circus printables let preschoolers match patterns, find biggest, smallest, or "belonging" images, and much more. Choose from the selections below.

Big and Small - Find them!

Find the theme - Which fit the theme?

You can find more printables in our Members' Section!

Books about Circus

The Circus Alphabet - by Linda Bronson

This creative alphabet book uses different circus attractions to tell the stories of every letter.





Olivia Saves the Circus - by Ian Falconer

Join Olivia and her imagination as she tells her classmates about her visit to the circus.