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Are Colleges Still Affordable? Grades 10 to 12 PBS

Students in second-year algebra and beyond can answer this pressing question in a lesson that introduces a mathematical model comparing the cost of education to potential earnings. Students are challenged to determine if the investment is a good one. The reality of real-life debt is encountered as students compute the amount that must be repaid each year for the life of the loan and check out starting salaries of target careers. A discussion component asks students to critique the model and discuss other factors that should be taken into consideration. This is a thought-provoking, authentic application of math skills

Ask Philosophers Grades 9 to 12 Ask Philosophers

Sometimes, right in the middle of an ordinary lesson, a student asks a question that is so profound, so abstract, that it brings the entire class to a screeching halt. It's so tempting to say to the student, "We don't have time for that right now..." This site is about those big questions, and it's really very simple. Ordinary people send questions to a panel of philosophers, and the philosophers answer the questions. There are over 3000 questions answered on the site, all indexed by topic or keyword, and be aware that one of the topics is "sex." It's not pornographic, but the questions are direct.

Autism Resources Grades 0 to 12

This is an unusually complete directory of autism resources for teachers, parents, and others who interact with autistic children. The content includes numerous teaching and behavioral strategies, links to additional resources, support information, and networking opportunities. This is a great resource for everything from basic definitions to options for teaching strategies. This site offers a number of links. Some of the links do require Adobe Acrobat or Flash. You can get both from the TeachersFirst Toolbox page.

If you have some questions about autism, be sure to check out this resource loaded with information.

Autism4teachers Grades 0 to 12 Autism4teachers.com

This comprehensive website, written by four teachers, offers an excellent starting point and whets the appetite for anyone seriously looking into autism. Autism4teachers offers a snapshot of many of the current and research-based concepts in the area of autism. The information provides enough information to enable you to research even further. There are numerous specific topics highlighted at this website including Communication, Social Skills, Classroom Structure, TEACCH, Inclusion, Behavioral Support, Parent Support, Visual Support, Community Support, Autism Awareness, Assistive Technology, Sensory Based Activity Room, Thematic Units, Data Sheets, & several others. Don't miss the MANY lesson ideas and activities provided with the topics. This website requires Windows Media Player. Get it from the TeachersFirst Toolbox page.

If you are looking to learn more about autism, this website offers an excellent overview.

Betraying the College Dream Grades 9 to 12 Stanford University

Stanford University’s Bridge Project has examined the disconnect between K-12 and college education systems to learn why many students fail to make the transition from high school to college successfully.

Bilingual Health Information Grades 1 to 12

The information on this site was originally developed for limited literacy Spanish and English speaking patients. It offers basic health, nutrition, and lifestyles information in a context which may be suitable for either students or parents in certain specific settings. Lots of illustrations and minimal use of text help make these resources easy to use.

Biographicon Grades 8 to 12 biographicon.com

With a free registration (email required), you can write your own biography online. Add your name, pertinent details, and a picture.... and your biography is available. You can also search for biographies of others and even comment on what others have written. Many famous people from the past and present are included at this site, making this site ideal to include during research in any subject.

Write biographies for family members here. What a fun (and free) gift to give on a special occasion!

Bombay TV Grades 7 to 12 grapheine.com

Grab your student’s attention by creating subtitles over old video clips from Bombay. Using humor, teachers can demonstrate how to punctuate dialog and how body language and intonation enhance communication. There are several movie clips from which to choose. The subtitles can appear as text, or be turned into speech. It is also possible to record your own voiceover. Their second site, Bombay TV 2, lets the viewer drag and drop scenes to create their own unique video sequence. All videos are published on-line and come with an embed code and web address. Teachers and students can share videos by embedding them on websites, by email, or social bookmarks.

Tired of nagging your student to do chores? Send them a subtitled video reminder. Create messages or share family news with Bombay TV. There are several movie clips from which to choose. The subtitles can appear as text, or be turned into speech. It is also possible to make a recording and create voiceovers. Their second site, Bombay TV 2, lets the viewer drag and drop scenes to create their own unique video sequence. All videos are published on-line and come with an embed code and web address.

Book of Virtues - Show Clips Grades 4 to 12 PBS

Here's a page that offers selected vignettes from the PBS series The Book of Virtues. Each clip sets out a situation or problem and asks the viewer to decide what reaction or behavior is most virtuous in that instance.

Parents may want to use these little stories to illustrate proper behavior.

Breaking the Barriers: Integrating Wheel Chair Users Grades 6 to 12 Think Quest

This student-created site offers information on the integration of those in wheelchairs into main stream society. Through background information, disease details, news reports, issues faced by wheelchair users, community innovations, case studies, etc., students learn how people in wheel chairs can now function more easily in many places around the world. A short quiz (located under "Extras") tests student knowledge; this is useful either before or after using the main part of the site. At the time of this review, the Interview page was not up to date. Most of the information on this site is not interactive, but the written information provides in depth coverage of many aspects of life in a wheelchair.

Thinkquest sites are created as part of an international web competition, by teams of students at various levels or teacher education candidates. This entry, created by high school students, won an Honorable Mention in 2007. This site requires Flash. Get it from the TeachersFirst Toolbox page..

Thinkquest sites are often slow to open, depending on traffic. Please be patient when opening this one for the first time.


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